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Aldora – stimulating libido and sexual function

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Aldora is a natural formula that addresses men with erectile problems (impotence). It has a stimulating effect on the biochemical mechanisms necessary to obtain an erection and engagement in a sexual act. Aldora also addresses women who do not have sexual desire, do not get to orgasm or feel unsatisfied with sexual intercourse.

Erectile Dysfunction (DE) is the repeated failure (impotence) to achieve or maintain a sufficiently firm erection to allow penetration during sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction (DE) is the most common problem affecting men.

Some ingredients in the Aldora composition help in obtaining and sustaining an erection by stimulating the release of nitric oxide (NO) in the blood. This in turn increases the level of Cyclic-GMP (Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate). Other ingredients increase blood circulation both in the primary and peripheral circulatory system.

Aldora also contains ingredients that increase sexual desire and response to sexual stimuli, essential conditions for getting an erection in men and getting multiple orgasms in women. Together, they lead to sufficient vasodilation within the penis to induce erection, and at the same time, by activating blood circulation (including in the pelvic area) sensitizes the nervous centers responsible for libido, desire and sexual satisfaction.

Increasing the volume of pumped blood as well as relaxing the cavernous body (which thus accepts a larger volume of blood) can also lead to an increase in erect penis volume. In addition, Aldora also contains ingredients that help increase the stamina (energy capacity) required for long-lasting and performing sexual activity.

In cases of impotence, stable positive effects can be obtained after approximately 2 weeks of administration.


Epimedium brevicornum 10:1 PE 25 mg
Epimedium sagittatum SE 20% icariin 25 mg
Tribulus terrestris SE 45% saponins 215 mg
Aspidosperma tomentosum 20:1 PE 25 mg
Lepidium meyenii SE 0.6% 20 mg
Piper betle 20 mg
Erythroxylum catuaba 25 mg
Butea superba 5:1 PE 50 mg
Juniperus communis 20:1 PE 25 mg
L-citrulline 20 mg
L-arginine 40 mg
L-carnitine 40 mg
L-norvaline 15 mg


Recommended way of administration:

  • For long-term benefits: administer 1 capsule per day;
  • If a more prominent effect is desired: administer another capsule 1-2 hours before sexual activity.


  • Aldora is not recommended without the doctor’s advice and consent to cardiac, hypertensive persons, or people who administer allopathic medicines for cardiovascular disease.
  • Before administering Aldora, check with your doctor if you are physically fit for sexual intercourse.
  • Discontinue administration if side effects, such as high heart rate increase, nervous state, or other side effects occur.


Are there studies to support the effectiveness of Aldora?

YES. In 1998, the Nobel Prize was awarded to researchers who discovered that a naturally occurring substance, called Cyclic-GMP (Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate) is essential for a man’s ability to obtain and maintain an erection. They also found that nitric oxide is strictly necessary for Cyclic-GMP to act.

To achieve an erection, enough amounts of nitric oxide and Cyclic-GMP (“pro-erection” substances) should be available to counteract PDE-5 (“phosphodiesterase-5”), the “anti-erection” enzyme.

The Cyclic-GMP level decreases with age but may also decrease in young men as a result of stress, various chronic conditions, or medication. ( Drugs Today 2000 Feb-Mar, 36 (2-3): pp. 155-162 )

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