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  • Beta caroten cu seleniu
  • Beta caroten cu seleniu

Beta Carotene with Selenium

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Beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A) gets into the body in small quantities through regular food intake and is converted by the liver into vitamin A as needed.

The beneficial effects of beta-carotene:

  • contributes to the prevention and improvement of visual disturbances;
  • increases resistance to respiratory infections and is an important factor in maintaining healthy skin, hair, teeth and gums;
  • it also participates in the biosynthesis of immunoglobulins (antibodies);
  • stimulates the  immune system activity;
  • prevents and improves pigmentation caused by liver disease or old age;
  • protects the nasal mucosa, oral, pharyngeal, laryngeal, tracheal and lung tissues being an obvious adjuvant in the treatment of respiratory infections, emphysema and hyperthyroidism;
  • accelerate physical development and increases the resistance of bones;

Beta-carotene has a role in cancer prevention (prostate, gastric, esophageal, etc.). Beta carotene reduces the risk of myocardial infarction and cardiac arrest.

Selenium is an essential trace element. The most important role of selenium and also best studies by science is of antioxidant that protects the body against the effects of free radicals. Selenium is a trace mineral also essential for the immune system.


Beta carotene 5000 UI
Selenium (from selenomethionine) 100 mcg


The recommended way of use (only for adults): 1 capsule per day.


For regulating the A vitamin circuit at the cellular level at people with vision problem, the recommended  synergistic associations are the following:


Studies on the anticancer potential of beta-carotene

Observational epidemiological studies have consistently shown that a diet rich in beta carotene is associated with a reduced risk of cancers in a number of common locations such as lung and stomach. (van Poppel)

In a clinical study with administration of dietary supplements organized during March 1986-May 1991 in China in Linxian (an area of the world with the highest incidence of esophageal cancer) mortality was significantly reduced in patients receiving Beta carotene associated with Vitamin E and Selenium .(Blot 1993)

Animal studies have indicated that Beta Carotene can delay or prevent the induction of sarcoma and skin cancer in mice exposed to carcinogens. (Smigel)

Inhibitory effects of beta-carotene were studied in rats and mice with tumors induced by 4 models of carcinogenesis. Beta Carotene significantly reduced carcinogenesis in vaginal cancers, uterine cervical (47%), lung adenoma (46.4%), breast carcinoma (55.6%). (Aleksandrov)

Beta-carotene is also essential for functions such as vision, growth, bone development, tooth development, maintaining healthy epithelial tissue, protective effect against cancer, support for reproductive organs, and effect of coenzyme support for the hormonal system, administered in high doses.

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