• Hepatothione - Pro Glutathione
  • Neuro Maximizer
  • ALA-300 Forte - Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • SERRA PLUS / Serapeptase 60 capsules
  • Flow Formula with Aminoacids
  • Stemulin CD34+ - Stem Cell Activator
  • Lion’s Mane 5000
  • Chaga C-Max - Concentrated Siberian Therapeutic Mushroom


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Multiple Sclerosis is a condition that leads to the destruction of the protective covering of the nerves (myelin). The same phenomenon occurs in Amyotrophic Sclerosis, great similarities being present in Lyme disease (Boreliosis). The condition is caused by bacteria or viruses that induce an autoimmune attack, resulting in inflammation and destruction of the myelin.

Package / protocol content

Hepatothione - Pro Glutathione


It plays an important role in gallbladder health by helping the liver detoxify fat before the bile is released, which reduces stress on the gallbladder.

1 bottle

Neuro Maximizer

Neuro Maximizer

A complex product for maintaining and restoring the functionality of the nervous system and the brain.

2 bottles

ALA-300 Forte - Alpha Lipoic Acid


Pure, standardized product, effective against skin aging. Very good metabolic antioxidant and powerful detoxifier for steatosis, hepatitis, tired liver.

2 bottles

SERRA PLUS / Serapeptase 60 capsules

Serra Plus

Digests protein, cleanses the circulatory system, dissolves fibrin (protein accumulations) and blood clots.

1 bottle

Flow Formula with Aminoacids


Avoids bypass or stent mounting surgery, eliminate cholesterol deposited on arteries, improve blood flow.

1 bottle

Stemulin CD34+ - Stem Cell Activator


Stimulates the production of CD34 + hematopoietic stem cells in the bone marrow to replace damaged or diseased cells.

1 bottle

Lion’s Mane 5000

Lion’s Mane

It is a fungus with neuroprotective and nootropic effects, which can improve memory and reasoning, protect neurons, protect and help regenerate nerve myelin.

1 bottle

Chaga C-Max - Concentrated Siberian Therapeutic Mushroom


Concentrated Siberian therapeutic mushroom. Standardized concentrated bio-active extract with at least 20% polysaccharide. Contains bergisterol.

1 bottle

NOTE: Additional recommended products are not included in the protocol price.
NOTE: The protocol price includes products for one month (30 days) of administration.


Protocol duration between neurological evaluations: 60-90 days

  • Hepatothione – 2 / day (2-0-0) in the morning on waking
  • Neuro Maximizer – 4 / day (2-2)
  • ALA-300 – 4 / day (2-2) between meals on an empty stomach
  • Serra Plus – 2 / day (1-1) between meals
  • FORMULA FLOW – 6 / day (2-2-2) at or after meals (for sustained intake of multi-vitamins, minerals and amino acids)
  • Stemulin – 3 / day (0-0-3) in the evening about 1 hour before bedtime
  • Lion’s Mane – 3 / day (1-1-1) Chaga – 2 / day (1-0-1)


  • Consumption of meat exclusively fish in moderate quantities, as little as possible cooked.
  • No fryings.
  • No semi-prepared foods, sausages, etc.
  • Vegetables preferably steamed, sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil.
  • Consume plenty of vegetable and fruit juices.

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