Magnesium-4 – Synergistic magnesium with Coral Calcium and B6 vitamin

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Food supplement, contains magnesium (in easily assimilated forms) and vitamin B6, which contributes to the normal energy for metabolism, normal functioning of the nervous system, reduce fatigue and exhaustion and maintains mental health.

Magnesium is a mineral essential for the absorption of calcium, but  is necessary not only for the absorption of calcium , it is used in over 100 body functions. Magnesium deficiency leads to many anomalies with different symptoms often given a misdiagnosis when in fact the cause is a lack of magnesium.

The most common diseases that can be caused by a deficiency of magnesium are:

  • Restless Legs Syndrome;
  • Muscle aches in the legs;
  • Autism;
  • Anxiety and psychiatric problems;
  • Allergies, sensitivity to chemicals;
  • Tiredness, lack of resistance;
  • Asthma;
  • Lack of attention (lack of ability to concentrate);
  • Calcification of soft tissues including heart valves.

Magnesium supplementation prevents or eliminate these diseases.

The problem faced by the  body is  to absorb mineral forms of magnesium oxide (citrate, aspartate) due to the hardness of breaking the connection of the atomic bond and to release elemental magnesium (pure). Magnesium, however, can not exist in its elementary, naturally pure form.

Konig Nutrition Laboratorium has created a synergistic combination of 4 forms of magnesium associated with Coral Calcium and B6 vitamin to maximize bio absorption.

Why is this product called synergistic magnesium?

Because beside chelated magnesium there are found calcium (chelated) and phosphorus (chelated), both well known for their synergy with magnesium.

Recent research has shown that the association with B6 vitamin leads to a surprisingly strong and considerable absorption and transport of magnesium in the blood, plasma and red blood cells.


Composition / capsule (1010 mg):

Magnesium malate (providing 46.2 mg magnesium) 300 mg
Magnesium oxide (providing 77.74 mg magnesium) 130 mg
Magnesium citrate (providing 11.4 mg magnesium) 100 mg
Magnesium bisglycinate (providing 14.09 mg magnesium) 100 mg
Pyridoxine hydrochloride (providing vitamin B6 29.85 mg) 30 mg
Coral Calcium (providing 16 mg of calcium) 50 mg
Silicon dioxide 10 mg
Microcrystalline cellulose 172 mg
Capsule (gelatin) 118 mg

It does not contain: dairy products, egg, gluten, wheat, corn, nuts, sweeteners, flavors or artificial colors.


The recommended way of use

  • Maintenance: 1 capsule per day with food.
  • For therapeutic purposes: 1 capsule 3 times daily with meals.
  • For autism: Autists may need higher doses of vitamin B6 (usually needed for every kg of body weight: 3 mg magnesium and 8 mg of vitamin B6).


  • In some cases it can have a laxative effect!
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose for daily consumption!

  • You can directly contact our doctor for a FREE consultation

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