• Protocol against viral infections
  • Super Immune Ultra
  • AHCC Plus Forte - super activator for the immune system
  • Astragalus 9000 Forte - antitumoral, immunostimulator
  • Konig H-1000 Alkazyn
  • Oregano Oil Forte
  • Oregano Oil Forte
  • Artemisinin forte

Protocol against viral infections

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Content / Package composition

Super Immune Ultra

Super Immune Ultra

Excellent antiviral, anticancer, anti-metastatic. Powerful immune modulator for weak or hyperactive immune system.

2 bottles

Astragalus 9000 Forte - antitumoral, immunostimulator

Astragalus 9000

A very powerful Astragalus, with immune therapeutic potency. More potent through standardization and/or concentration, ensures the potency of the therapeutic compounds.

1 bottle

AHCC Plus Forte - super activator for the immune system


Super immune system activator. Recommended for hepatitis, cancer, immunodeficiency, influenza, viral infection.

1 bottle

Konig H-1000 Alkazyn

H-1000 Alkazyn

Alkaline antioxidant that maintains the normal electrolyte balance. An orthomolecular product that provides the body with the essential elements of good functioning.

1 bottle

Oregano Oil Forte

Oregano Oil

Wild Oregano Oil, with forte potency, 80% Carvacrol. Anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal, immune system strengthener.

1 bottle

Artemisinin forte


Antiviral, antiparasitic, antibacterial. Attacks viruses, like Herpes Simplex, Epstein Barr, and HPV (human papilloma virus).

2 bottles


Recommended way of administration:

  • Super Immune Ultra: (2+2) between meals.
  • Astragalus 9000: (1+0+1) 20-30 minutes before meals.
  • AHCC: (2+0+0) 20-30 minutes before meals.
  • Artemisinin forte: (1+0+1) 20-30 minutes before meals.
  • H-1000 Alkazyn: 1-2 capsules together with the recommended supplements.
  • Oregano Oil: 4 drops 3 times a day, dissolve it in a little water or mix in a teaspoon with a little honey or juice. It is kept briefly in the mouth after which it is swallowed. Immediately after swallowing, breathe deeply into the mouth several times to inspire the oregano vapors.

We recommend alkalizing the body!

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