• Toxoplasmosis Protocol
  • Super Immune Ultra
  • Oregano Oil Forte
  • Oregano Oil Forte
  • High bio-absorbtion EDTA
  • Artemisinin forte
  • Astragalus 9000 Forte - antitumoral, immunostimulator
  • Lymphstream Maximizer

Toxoplasmosis Protocol

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Toxoplasmosis is one of the most common parasitic infections, being caused by the protozoar Toxoplasma gondi, which manifests in two forms: congenital and acquired.

Transmission of toxoplasmosis occurs via the digestive tract (inadequately undercooked meat consumption, consumption of food contaminated with toxoplasm cysts such as unwashed vegetables), by inappropriately unfiltered water, or through contact with infested cat feces, (by using dirty hands), or by air (contaminated air, or transplacental route), (if the infection occurs during pregnancy), by transfusions of infected blood, or organ transplantation.

Many newborns with toxoplasmosis have no early signs of toxoplasm infection, however,  many doctors recommend antibiotic treatment anyway.

Acquired toxoplasmosis is often latent and asymptomatic, and when it manifests it has the following symptoms: enlargement of cervical, axial, inguinal lymph nodes, fever, muscle pain, headache, nausea, irritation to the skin in the form of a hives or eye manifestations such as blurred vision, red eyes. Severe forms usually occur in organisms with compromised immunity.

Protozoa gondi multiplies asexually at the cellular level, forming pesudochysts. Subsequently, pseudocysts can calcify in the internal organs.

Medical tests

In principle, it must be determined whether toxoplasmosis is present, resulting in IgG negative and IgM positive IgG antibodies.

Content / Package composition

Artemisinin forte

Artemisinin forte

Antiviral, antiparasitic, antibacterial. Stops replication of hepatitis B and C virus, destroys intestinal and blood parasites, has anti-tumor action.

3 bottles

Oregano Oil Forte

Oregano Oil

Wild Oregano Oil, with forte potency, 80% Carvacrol. Anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal, immune system strengthener.

1 bottle

Astragalus 9000 Forte - antitumoral, immunostimulator

Astragalus 9000

Antitumoral and immunostimulating recommended in cases of Papillomavirus, Cancer (including cervical), Hapatitis A, B and C.

2 bottles

Lymphstream Maximizer

Lymphstream Maximizer

Drains and strengthens the lymphatic system and lymph node. Strengthens the capacity and response speed of the immune system by draining the lymphatic system.

1 bottle

High bio-absorbtion EDTA


EDTA is recommended for: atherosclerosis (calcium deposits on the arteries), calcifications (calcium deposits in the internal organs), thrombosis, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, platelet aggregation…

1 bottle

Super Immune Ultra

Super Immune Ultra

Excellent antiviral, anticancer, anti-metastatic. Powerful immune modulator for weak or hyperactive immune system.

1 bottle


The protocol aims at destroying the protozoa, removing calcified cysts, restoring and strengthening the immune system.

  • Artemisinin: 4 / day (2-2) between meals. It will be administered for 15 days then the dose will be reduced to 2 / day (1-1).
  • Oregano Oil: 6 drops 5-6 times per day sublingually.
  • Astragalus 9000: 4 / day (2-2) on empty stomach between meals.
  • Lymphstream Maximizer: 2 / day (1-0-1) on the empty stomach.
  • EDTA: 1 / day, in the evening 5-10 minutes before bedtime.
  • Super Immune Ultra: 4 / day (2-2) on empty stomach between the main meals. It will be administered for 15 days, then the dose will be reduced to 2 / day (1-1).


  • Do not eat dairy products or animal fats at least 1 hour before and after administration.

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