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Slimex™ Protocol

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The market was invaded with the so called „magic” weight loss formulas, teas, tinctures etc. Aside from diuresis, teas are much to diluted to have any effect. Other protocols are not only too complex and expensive, but they also produce a rapid weight loss after which we gain back the weight, and even more than before.

Why? Because no formula has a scientific foundation to address the main problem: “why do we gain weight?”

The Slimex protocol is especially designed for a constant and permanent weight loss by regulating the metabolism of  lipids, by reducing the body’s ability to deposit fats in parallel with the acceleration of the transformation of fats into energy (burning of fatts). For overweight people with several succesive procedures the desired results can be achieved.

Composition / package content


PGX Daily

PGX daily helps lower the glycemic index of your meals and promotes a healthy blood sugar level already in the normal range.

1 bottle

CLA Tonalin - The Slim Factor

CLA Tonalin

Super powerful product, recommended for cellulite, obesity. It mainly reduces the layer of fat in the abdomen area.

1 bottle


The recommended administration

Important recommendations

  • In order to maximize the effect moderate physical exercise is recommended (aerobic, jogging, fast walking) for a minimum  of 15-30 minutes a day.
  • There are no known specific side effects.
  • It is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Before ordering this protocol please consult the nutritionist doctor.

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*The results may vary from person to person, it is not mandatory to get the promised results mentioned on the site, or those already obtained by the persons who submitted their testimonials.