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Very important

In order for an amino acid to be bio compatible, it must be produced in free form, in which case the letter “L” should be in front (eg. L-arginine not just arginine). If not in free form (non-free), it is virtually useless because it is not absorbed.

Many cheap amino acids on the market are made by simply isolating the protein, either from soy or whey. Therefore, precise amino acid dosage, even the presence of all essential amino acids, cannot be guaranteed.

This product made by New Roots by lactalbumin hydrolysis is of premium quality providing the dosage and bio-absorption of amino acids in the composition. The importance of amino acids is generally neglected by many people, sometimes even by the most “conscientious”. Amino acids are essential in the detoxification cure of heavy metals. Essential amino acids are those amino acids that cannot be synthesized by the body and should be brought either by diet or supplementation.

Non-essential amino acids, despite their name, are in fact as important but they can be synthesized by the body, if the body is given the necessary ingredients, of course and if the body is “healthy” and can synthesize it from protein.

Proteins are the structural and functional components of living matter. They fulfill many functions in the human body: they are necessary for the formation, development and regeneration of all tissues, they interfere with the immunity of the body, the transport of nutrients and oxygen in the body. Most hormones and enzymes are proteins.

Proteins are made up of amino acids. Some of these are essential to life. Essential amino acids cannot be synthesized by the body and must be taken daily from food. Non-essential amino acids, despite their name, are just as important, but can be synthesized by the body provided they are given adequate nutrition and the body is healthy, meaning to be able to synthesize them. For the synthesis of proteins, the body needs essential and non-essential amino acids in certain proportions. All proteins are made up of the same amino acids, but the order of their binding differs, which determines the specific activity of the proteins.

Through ordinary nutrition, it is almost impossible to obtain all amino acids, both essential and non-essential in the necessary proportions. That is why supplementation with amino acids has become a stringent requirement for the contemporary man. Amino acids are indispensable for those who practice body building or weightlifting seriously. The beneficial effect of amino acids will also make it easier for athletes to cope with physical resistance (cross, marathon, swimming, football, etc.). Amino acids have a chelating effect, ie. “binds” to the heavy metals accumulated in the body and thus helps to eliminate them.

In adults, the daily protein requirement is approx. 45g. An adult who is practicing weightlifting, bodybuilding, weighing 80 kg, needs an average of 160-240g protein/ kg body weight per day. The optimal protein load for a cyclist is 1.5g / kg body weight, and in the case of weightlifters or those who practice body building it can reach up to 2-3 g/ kg body weight. This amount must be staggered in the body throughout the day when eating meals.

Eliminating the morning meal is a bad habit for the human body, because with those who take only two meals a day, the energy and proteins required by the body are unbalanced and cannot be used efficiently. In these situations, supplementation with an amino acid complex in the morning is essential.

We offer a full formula of amino acids extracted from lactalbumin, which is the highest purity available at this time in Canada. Adopting the free form of amino acids ensures a maximum bioabsorbability and efficiency (example L-Arginine in free form).


Hydrolyzed lactalbumin


850 mg
L-glutamic acid 107 mg
L-leucine 78.25 mg
L-aspartic acid 65 mg
L-proline 62,5 mg
L-lysine 54.5 mg
L-threonine 42 mg
L-isoleucine 39.5 mg
L-valine 36,25 mg
L-alanine 28.25 mg
L-serine 27,5 mg
L-Phenylalanine 19.5 mg
L-tyrosine 18.25 mg
L-arginine 15.75 mg
L-cysteine 12,5 mg
L-glycine 11,25 mg
L-methionine 11,25 mg
L-histidine 10,75 mg
L-tryptophan 10 mg


Recommended administration mode: 2-4 tablets per day administered in two intakes, preferably 30 minutes before a meal.

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