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Also called Chinese angelica, Dong Quai is one of the most important female tonic remedy in Chinese medicine. It is used for debility, poor vitality, convalescence and fatigue in women as well as for all types of gynecological, menstrual or menopausal symptoms. Dong Quai is the Chinese name for the root of the plant, whose scientific name is Angelica sinensis, belonging to the Apiaceae family.

Dong Quai has an immediate and stimulating effect on the uterus, especially during pregnancy or during childbirth. Clinically, consolidation and normalization of uterine contractions has been observed. These effects are believed to be due to volatile oil components, especially ligustilide. Symptoms such as menstrual pain and irregular cycle, spontaneous abortion, chills in the hands and feet, anemia and, in some cases, sterility have also responded well to Dong Quai treatment. Animal and human studies have shown that dong Quai also improves peripheral circulation and reduces blood viscosity. The study suggests that both ferulic acid and ligustilide are responsible for preventing spasms, relaxing vessels and reducing blood clotting in peripheral vessels.

Dong Quai was used as the main female tonic in the Orient, while ginseng was the traditional male adaptogen. Dong Quai is used to provide energy, vitality and disease resistance. Regulates feminine hormones in the treatment of most menstrual and menopausal problems. It is a blood tonic that promotes blood circulation. Therefore, it is used in women to treat anemia, venous circulation problems, low immunity and peripheral blood flow problems. Dong Quai is used to prevent menstrual symptoms (amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, pre-menstrual syndrome). It is a good uterine tonic (menstrual cramps) and is used to treat the symptoms of menopause, anemia, low immunity, fatigue, poor vitality, debility, peripheral blood flow, low blood pressure, atherosclerosis and high cholesterol. It is a good anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative, antispasmodic and immunostimulatory.


Ingredients / capsule

Dong Quai (Angelica Sinensis 4:1 root extract) (equivalent to 2000 mg) 500 mg

It does not contain: preserving agents, artificial flavors or dyes, dairy products, sugar, starch, wheat, gluten, corn, soy or ferments.

Net weight e = 60 g


Recommended way of use (only for adult women)

  • Preventive: 2-3 capsules per day
  • Moderate problems: 3-6 capsules per day
  • Severe problems: 6-9 capsules per day


  • Not recommended to pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light.
  • Consult a specialist if you want to administer continuously 9 capsules a day for longer than 6 months.

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