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Iron deficiency causes anemia, leading to clinically low hemoglobin levels (red blood cells). Iron deficiency anemia can cause: fatigue, breathing disorders, dizziness, headache and lack of endurance. People at risk include women of reproductive age during menstruation, people with celiac disease and inflammatory bowel disease and conditions that contribute to nutrient malabsorption. There are two forms of iron: heme and nonheme. Heme iron is extracted from animal hemoglobin and is the most absorbable form by the body.

Highly bioavailable Heme Iron is isolated from animal sources for maximum intestinal absorption. It’s the particular type of iron that is easily recognized and exploited by the body to form the structural scaffolding for hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the specialized protein within blood that binds to oxygen within the lungs for use in cellular respiration throughout the entire body. Heme Iron also does not lead to common side effects associated with elemental forms of iron that include; stomach upset, diarrhea, and constipation.

Heme Iron is formulated with a full spectrum of complementary nutrients. It contains vitamin C to improve intestinal absorption of iron associated with the biologically active forms of folic acid (methyl folate) and vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) included as critical cofactors for hemoglobin synthesis.


Ingredients / capsule#:

 polypeptides enriched with iron and with 2% hemoglobin obtained from Domestic Pig (Top Scrofa) 550 mg
Vitamin C / ascorbic acid 90 mg
Calcium 5-methyltetrahydrofolate 3,623 mg
Vitamin B12 / methylcobalamin 10% 3,333 mg
Capsule: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, water
Loading agent: microcrystalline cellulose
Anti-caking agents: magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide

#maximum daily dose / 3 capsules provides:

  • 270 mg. vitamin C / 337.5% VNR*
  • 33 mg. iron / 143% VNR*
  • 1000 mcg. folic acid / 500% VNR* and
  • 1000 mcg. vitamin B12 / 40000% / VNR*

*VNR = Reference Nutritional Value according to Regulation 1169/2011

It does not contain: gluten, soy, wheat, eggs, dairy products, ferments, citrus fruits, preservatives, flavors, artificial colors, starch or sugar.

Net weight = 24,19368 g


Recommended way of use for adults: take 1 capsule one to three times daily with a full glass of water, with or without food, or as directed by your health-care practitioner.


  • Consult a health-care practitioner for use beyond 7 weeks.
  • Consult a health-care practitioner to monitor blood iron content.


  • Do not lie down for 50 minutes after taking this product.
  • If you are taking other medications, take this product a few hours before or after them.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose for daily consumption.
  • Excessive iron consumption can be fatal to young children.
  • Dietary supplements do not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


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