Bio-active Quercetin

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Quercetin is a flavonoid that forms the essential “backbone” for many other flavonoids, including citrus flavonoids, rutin, hesperidin, tangeritin, narigin. Quercetin is the most active of the flavonoids and many medicinal plants owe their curative properties of quercetin.

Quercetin has potent anti-inflammatory properties by inhibiting the initial inflammatory processes. Inhibit the production and release of histamine and other allergic/inflammatory responders. Therefore it is used with good results in treating arthritis, rheumatic fever allergic, sinusitis. In addition, quercetin has antioxidant effects and protects vitamin C.

Quercetin has also remarkable anti-tumor properties, especially for the skin and prostate cancers.

Quercetin may have positive effects in combating and preventing cancer, prostatitis, heart disease, cataracts, allergies and respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and asthma.

Bromelain is also a well-known anti-inflammatory. Quercetin with Bromelain by Organika in a synergistic combination creates a very potent bioactive product.


Quercetin 400 mg
Bromelain 100 mg


Recommended way of use: take 1-2 capsules daily with food.

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