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Coral Calcium

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Pure non-encapsulated powder, with no additions.

Coral calcium is a mineral complex with a structure similar to that of the human skeleton and is useful to restore the mineral balance and restoring the alkaline pH of the body. It is also a great source for calcium supplementation because, in its ionic form, is a complex mineral which ensures a greater absorption compared to traditional forms.

The best quality of coral calcium is extracted exclusively from the Japanese island of Okinawa.

What distinguishes it from other forms of calcium is its wealth of trace minerals and high alkalinity which makes it not only very bio-available but also extremely effective in regulating the pH of the body.


  • prevents rachitism and bone softening;
  • reduces the risk of osteoporosis;
  • ensures a harmonious development of the osteo-articulation system in children;
  • promotes the re-growth of nails and hair, and the presence of silicon, determines its luminosity;
  • prevents the manifestations of spasmophilia;
  • restore mineral balance and alkaline pH in the body;
  • acts on the heart and blood vessels for their proper functioning;
  • also acts on the central and peripheral nervous system, bones and muscles;
  • is recommended for athletes, for persons performing intense physical activity and for women at menopause;
  • for its alkalizing effects it is used in many protocols against cancer.


Coral Calcium powder (trace elements from coral of Okinawa) 420 mg


Recommended way of use: ¼ teaspoon ( 420 mg ) dissolved in a cup of warm water (240 ml) once a day. 125 grams represents the maintenance dose witch is sufficient for about 300 days.

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