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Liquid Stevia Extract 60 ml

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Contains plant extract from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana bertoni, which is grown in Paraguay. Cyclamate, saccharine, nutrasweet, etc. synthetic type sweeteners are all chemical and if they are used for longer term are considered carcinogenic. Stevia extract is 100% natural and contains stevioside which gives it the “ultra-sweet” character.

It is an excellent product for diabetics but not only for them. Everyone can replace sugar with Stevia to benefit their health, well known as being the fact that sugar, especially refined sugar is bad in all respects.


  • Stevia rebaudiana leaf powder extract, USP grain alcohol 35%, distilled water.
  • The stevia leaves contain concentrated glycosides known as steviosides.


Recommended way of use:

  • 1-3 drops in a cup of tea or coffee.
  • 5 drops equates to about 25 g of sugar.


  • Shake the bottle before dropping.
  • After opening keep it in a cool place.

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