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Organic Brown Coconul Palm Sugar

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This Organic Coconut Sugar is a delicacy loved by those who love coffee, tea or a cocktails with a sweet, special and inviting aroma.

Organic Coconut Sugar can be added just as regular sugar and gives an aroma similar to that of the maple syrup.

Being sugar should be consumed with caution by people with diabetes.

How is the flavor?

It is similar to light brown sugar but with no metallic taste, characteristic of brown sugar. It has a slight hint of sweet butter and caramel, leaving a round and fine flavor in the mouth. It is really tasty and delicious.


Gelatian (Gentiana lutea L.) 600 mg

It does not contain:

  • dairy products, eggs, artificial preserving agents, dyes, artificial sweeteners, yeast, wheat, corn, soy gluten;
  • synthetic colors or artificial flavors.


The recommended way of use

  • Use it as a regular sugar.
  • Can be added as a sweetener to soft drinks, desserts and used in cake recipes.

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