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Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil – Cold Pressed

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Coconut Oil has the following benefits

Immune system

It protects us from bacteria, viruses, fungi such as Candida (contains Caprylic acid) and Protozoa.

Gastro duodenal ulcer

Prevents and soothes the inflammation of the digestive tract. It is useful in cases of gastric ulcers. Contains Lauric Acid, the only one capable of killing Helicobacter pylori. It can also be useful for people suffering from Crohn’s disease.

Regulates blood sugar

It helps to stabilize blood sugar


It prevents the conversion of testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a process that could promote a strong inflammation of the prostate.

Weight Loss

Coconut Oil contains 10% fewer calories than other fats. In addition, its acids produce more energy to burn calories and then to deposit less fat. All this can be useful not only for weight loss but also to obtain a greater vitality.

Psoriasis, eczema and fungal infections of the skin

The fatty acids of coconut oil fight against inflammatory processes with their purifying properties. We can therefore safely treat skin health by consuming this oil and apply it on local areas of the skin including the skin of the face and neck.


Pure virgin oil, cold pressed from Coconut.


Recommended way of use

  • Whenever you want, and in place of butter and other oils and cooking fats.


  • It can be spread on bread like butter and can be used to make desserts, appetizers etc.
  • Can be administered therapeutic: 2/3 tablespoons 2-3 times a day.
  • It is recommended for pregnant women and women who are breast-feeding.


The newest panacea

Amazingly, coconut oil is a saturated fat, which belongs to a class of which we must beware and avoid eating in excess.

Saturated fats (not to be confused with trans fats), are essential for our body (of course in limited quantities) in particular those contained in Coconut for their special nature. They are composed of Lauric Acid (45%), and this being a medium-chain fatty acids like breast milk, are extremely beneficial for our metabolism.

In Polynesia, where the population still feeds in the traditional way (Coconut is an important element in a meal), are full of health and have almost no degenerative diseases like those present in the current Western civilization and, no dental cavities.

In a report of the United Nations in Sri Lanka, a country with high consumption of Coconut, mortality caused by blood clots that cause cardiovascular accidents is the lowest in the world. But if they reduced the consumption of Coconut by 35% the number of deaths as a result of heart disease, grew rapidly.

A great contribution to health

Immune System

The coconut oil can boost the immune system: Lauric, Capric, Caprylic and Myristic acids, representing more than 70% of its fatty acid composition, protect us from bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. It is therefore recommended (in many cases even more than the Omega 3/6/9), for pregnant women, those in nursing, for children who cannot be fed with breast milk against infections and also to maintain in good condition the brain and the visual system of children.

The most well-known remedy against fungi is the Caprylic acid of which coconut oil is rich in it. Thanks to this acid, for example, women Polynesian rarely suffer from fungal infections. Research has also shown that saturated fats of this oil weaken the action of Candida Albicans, which is housed in the body and especially in the gut.

You should consume 3 tablespoons oil 3 times a day at the table.

Gastro duodenal ulcer

It is an anti-inflammatory and, from this point of view, among other benefits for the health, prevent and calm the inflammation of the digestive tract. It is useful in cases of gastric ulcers, Lauric acid is the only one who can kill Heliobacter pylori, a bacterium that, in 90 % of cases, is at the origin of this disease. You can use coconut oil in conjunction with drug therapy.

Regulation of Glycaemia

The addition of this oil in the menu helps to stabilize blood sugar so it is highly recommended for Diabetics. There are also other advantages in the consumption of this oil, the people who suffer from diabetes digest fatigue fatty foods because of Pancreas that secretes few Liver enzymes and which produces a smaller number of bile salts to the emulsion process. In this context, the coconut oil due to its composition of fatty acids, helps the Pancreas, Liver and Gall Bladder, resulting in the improvement process of digestion. Another important aid, which gives people who suffer from diabetes, is to provide energy to cells without the intervention of insulin.


The Coconut oil also has a beneficial effect to the benign prostatic hypertrophy, preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT ( dihydrotestosterone ), a process that favors a strong growth of the prostate.

Weight loss

First the Coconut Oil contains 10% fewer calories of other fats. Then his acids produce more energy to burn calories and fat doesn’t deposit. It is so good to not only lose weight but also to have a greater vitality. Do not forget that he is also a regulator of glucose and therefore, for this reason, it is a good way to weight loss and an ideal formula to get a report Lipid – Muscular excellent .

Coconut Oil in Cosmetics

The Coconut Oil is the secret of the beauty of the women of the islands of the Pacific Ocean. In India, this oil is used for massage, given its protective effects, feeding and hydration of the skin.


Also in India and the Philippines, has been known for a long time that this oil has an extraordinary effect on the hair, penetrating to the roots reduces the loss, making them bright and soft and removes dandruff. Before shampooing and with wet hair, apply oil to the hair root and massage.

Aging of the skin

Wrinkles and skin imperfections are often due to the harmful action of free radicals. Its protection, both internal and external, can prevent, in part, its aging. The coconut oil contains fats that can attack the stabilized radicals. Penetrate easily into it, moisturizes and nourishes, creating a protective layer also extremely useful. Use oil even in cases of dehydration of the skin of the hands and feet.

Dental problems

Its antimicrobial properties, described above, make it a great product for the dental cleaning

Like a deodorant

Always for its antifungal properties is also an excellent deodorant. The addition of a few drops of essential oil of rosemary, thyme or sage, make it even more powerful.

Coconut oil in Kitchen

The Coconut oil is the most stable of all known edible oils, mainly because it contains a lot of saturated fat (92%). No risk of rancidity or any change in its structure during heating at high temperatures (no formation of trans fats or free radicals). This oil has 3000 times less likely to oxidize than oil Flax and 5 times less than the olives one. You can keep it for 2 years, without worrying about his rancid at room temperature. It can be used routinely for the preparation of food. Its sweet and fragrant as an exotic touch to any food. Please note that, from health’s the point of view, it is recommended to eat mostly raw foods or cooked at low temperatures. You can also season with this oil steamed vegetables.

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