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Pomegranate fruit and seeds contain a complex of antioxidants, one of the most important being ellagic acid.

Cancer can exist in the body in latent form. Ellagic Acid taken once or twice a year may be part of the measures that can be taken in a cancer prevention protocol. But pomegranate contains other antioxidants needed to maintain overall health.

A publication, Guide to the American Cancer Society on Alernative and Complementary Methods in Cancer treatment, shows that ellagic acid is a very promising natural supplement that can lead to apoptosis (cancer cell death) without affecting normal cells.

Ellagic acid is a phenolic compound that inhibits proliferation of cancer cells and also prevents the occurrence and development of cancer cells in people predisposed to cancer.

A 9-year study conducted by Dr. Daniel Nixon of Holliger Institute of the University of South Carolina on a group of 500 patients concluded that ellagic acid leads to G arrest in 48 hours (inhibiting cancer cell division) and apoptosis (programmed cancer cell death) in 72 hours.

Ellagic acid promotes detoxification of carcinogens by stimulation of various isoforms of the enzyme glutathione-S-transferase in cases of hepatoma (liver cancer) (Barch and Rundhaugen, 1992). Another mechanism by which ellagic acid can inhibit tumor initiation is the destruction of carcinogenic metabolites (Tanaka).

Chemotherapy, radiation and other conventional treatments kill cancer cells as well as normal cells thus destroying the immune system. It seems that ellagic acid targets only cancer cells.

Recommended doses of Ellagic Acid:

  • Adjuvant in prevention: 90 mg / day
  • Therapeutic adjuvant: minimum 180 mg / day


Ingredients / capsule:

4:1 Extract from the pomegranate fruit (Punica granatum) 225 mg
Hypromellose – capsule 60 mg
Microcrystalline cellulose (bulking agent) 25 mg
Magnesium stearate (anti-caking agent) 5 mg

It does not contain:

  • dairy products, eggs, preservatives, artificial colors, yeast, artificial sweeteners, wheat, corn, soy, gluten;
  • ingredients obtained from genetically modified organisms.


Recommended dose for daily consumption (oral, only for adults): 1 tablet twice a day.


  • Do not exceed recommended dose for daily consumption.
  • Dietary supplements do not substitute a varied and well balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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