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Small molecules of chlorophyll, similar to red blood cells (the basic element of human blood), are the basis of life on our planet. They keep alive not only plants but, according to the latest findings, even the animals. The “Green Blood” as it is called this substance , detoxifies the body, regulates bowel, soothes wounds, slows the aging process, protects from cancer-causing radiation and harmful chemicals.

With the advance of biological research is increasingly highlighted the incredibly strong and mysterious connection between humans and this vital substance. It seems that the human body has been programmed by God to interact intensively with this green elixir that makes a difference to most of the vital processes.

The intense action of Chlorophyll is exerted on human blood to compensate for the deficiencies of certain minerals and help in the elimination of toxins. And ‘ the popular notion that a cure with nettles, wild garlic with spinach or greens, “renews the blood” and makes an extremely important support. Scientists have been trying to uncover the mystery of the interaction between human blood and “plant blood”, but it has not proved easy. Studies have instead highlighted action much wider extract of Chlorophyll, has emerged as the idea of ​​developing “therapies” based Chlorophyll.

Chewable Chlorophyll is more recommended than sublingual or in capsules, because holding it in the mouth for a longer period it has a very high absorption. At the same time it performs an action of deodorization and disinfection of the mouth.


Chlorophyll 16 Mg (Chlorophyll extracted from leaves of Alfalfa and Clover)


The recommended way of use (only for adults): 1-2 tablets per day.


  • Suck or chew.
  • For women, during their cycle, it is recommended to administer from 1 to 3 tablets per day.

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