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Spirulina is used to treat anemia, hepatitis, gastritis and other inflammatory processes, hypoglycemia, obesity, malnutrition in chronic skin tone and skin; improves immunity. But it is contraindicated for patients with edema (water retention) or blockage of fluids that irrigate the lower abdomen.

Has inhibitory effects on colon cancer due to the presence of phycocyanine (a blue pigment). There are few foods that contain blue pigments. They exist in Spirulina and have astringent remission of inflammation.

The rich content of gamma-linoleic acid (AGL) and prostaglandin makes Spirulina an immune-boosting factor that can be taken into account, especially by people who lack AGL. Phycocianine is responsible for the accumulation of amino acids in the brain to form neurotransmitters, which increase mental abilities.

Therapeutic indications

  • Prophylaxis and treatment of anemia with iron deficiency.
  • The weight reduction programs, cleansing the body, especially for those living in polluted areas.
  • Cleansing of the intestines helping to restore normal micro flora in case of dys-bacteriosis, chronic bowel disease, cholecystitis, duodenal and gastric ulcer, colon cancer prevention.
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases, including in the case of AIDS, acute and chronic hepatitis, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis.
  • Prophylaxis and treatment of progressive myopia, cataract, diseases of the retina in diabetes.
  • In the complex treatment of patients with diabetes.
  • Prophylaxis and treatment of atherosclerosis and diseases caused her coronoschlerosis, angina, ischemic heart disease, after myocardial infarction.
  • Increases the immun system in the body, flu, in the case of food deficiencies.
  • Skin diseases related to hypovitaminosis, dysbacteriosis, wrinkling and skin dryness, hyperkeratosis elderly people (cracking skin on the soles of the feet).

In cases of advanced chronic anemia in order to increase the chlorophyll intake it may be associated with Chlorella.

Alternatively, consumption of Sea Power which is a complex containing algae: Spirulina, Kelp and Chlorella.


Green-Blue Algae Powder (Spirulina maxima / Spirulina platensis) 500 mg
Stearic acid 40 mg
Croscarmellose sodium 60 mg
Colloidal silicon dioxide 4 mg

It does not contain: dairy products, eggs, artificial preservatives, dyes, ferments, artificial sweeteners, wheat, soy or maize.


Recommended way of use: take 1-3 tablets per day.

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