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Super OPC-7

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It contains the strongest known isotonic antioxidants: proanthocyan polygomers and extracted from the bark of pine along with five other super antioxidants.

Super OPC-7 is an outstanding product of Organika, combining scientifically a range of 7 antioxidants in a unique and effective formulation.

With the combination of antioxidants, this product acts at all levels of the body, while also treating cellular inflammation, thus reducing joint pain and fighting cellular aging. It has a positive effects on the circulatory system at both macro and micro level.

Super OPC-7 has the following positive effects:

  • Exerts a powerful antioxidant in the fight against free radicals;
  • Help protect the cardiovascular system, relaxes the blood vessel walls and helps maintain the integrity of capillary walls;
  • Contribute to the health of blood vessels in the legs;
  • Help reduce the swelling that can occur after surgery by increasing collagen regeneration capacity;
  • Increases strength and integrity of connective tissue (collagen and elastin);
  • Improves visual parameters by improving microcirculation;
  • Improves side factors of aging skin and contributes to overall vascular health.

The product addresses all ages and has no side effects.


Each gelatin capsule of vegetable origin contains:

OPC – proanthocyanidinic oligomers from standard grape seed extract 50 mg
Red wine extract 10 mg
Pine bark extract 5 mg
Bilberry extract (25% anthocyanidins) 5 mg
Green tea extract 10 mg
Vitamin C 50 mg
Citric bioflavonoid extract 10 mg


  • protein extracted from brown rice;
  • red grape powder.


Recommended way of use: 2-3 capsules a day.

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