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Valeriana officinalis is the most widely used herb in the world. Every year, around the globe is consumed more than three hundred thousand tons of Valerian. It’s very strong therapeutic effects are recognized even by the fiercest opponents of natural therapies. The use of valerian has a tradition of over four thousand years and is considered a reference plant, both in Europe and Asia.

Invested with traditional magical attributes, the last four decades were dedicated for hundreds and hundreds of medical studies, all attest the same thing: valerian is one of the most effective remedies to treat emotional disorders and diseases associated with physical diseases, extreme problems which are present in our times, which are marked by tension and the stress.

Treatment with valerian


Taking valerian removes the difficulty of falling asleep, nighttime awakenings, significantly reduces the percentage of the appearance of dreamless deep sleep phase (most restful sleep). In other words, valerian  increases the sleep time and – very important – improves the quality of sleep. Treatments should be made every six weeks. The obvious effects of sleep improvement are visible after 3 weeks of administration, the effect is cumulative in the case of valerian.

Muscular cramps

Valerian has muscle relaxing qualities. Is administrated, when needed, for a period not longer than three days. It is effective in controlling the painful muscle contracture, which occurs due to over-exercise and especially due to mental straining.


Gastritis whitch is occurring because of stress, nervous overload. A treatment lasts for 12 days, with 5-10 days break. Is used in periods of intense stress, the active ingredients of valerian intervening in the brain to release certain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that induces  calm feelings, contentment and relaxation. It also has sedative effect, helping to reduce stomach pain.

Gastrointestinal spasms

Valerian has  relaxing qualities for the smooth muscles  and is effective in colitis and intestinal spasms.

Adjuvant in premenstrual syndrome

The treatment has to be started for about 5 days before menstruation and it  lasts until the second day of the menstrual cycle. Removes the feeling of irritation and nerve excitability, reduces breast pain, pain in the ovaries, the feeling of tension or heaviness in the pelvis.

Cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac ischemia

With the help of valerian you can treat  cardiac disorders which specifically appear on the background of stress and anxiety. A study has been made in the USA  on a group of 480 people which showed, that taking valerian, three times a day reduces the heart diseases rate which are occurring because of stress, especially arrhythmias and cardiac ischemia. Also, the administration of valerian reduces the subjective feeling of stress.

Angina pectoris

A study in China shows that treatment with valerian had beneficial effects for 88% of patients who tooked  this test. It is administered three times a day in the course of 40 days, with 7-10 days break. Valerian significantly reduce the frequency and intensity the crises of angina pectoris, improves heart activity (this action emphasized by analyzing the evolution electrocardiograms which were treated with valerian).


Valerian is the best natural remedy for anxiety. The most obvious results appear after 4 weeks of treatment. The treatment has to be made for two months with 14-21 days break. It has similar effects as the of anxiolytic drugs with  mild and medium intensity, without major adverse effects.


It is recommend a cure of 15-30 days with valerian, for patients who lack exercise or mental exercise, and for those who do not get adequate relaxation, which is manifesting because of stress and fatigue associated with depression.


Extract 4:1 of valerian root (standardized to 0.8% valeric-acid-equivalent of 500 mg of valerian) 125 mg


Recommened way of use: 1-2 capsules per day.


  • Can be administered only by adults occasionally as needed or as directed by your doctor.
  • For insomnia it should be administered at least one capsule in the evening before bed.

  • You can directly contact our doctor for a FREE consultation

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