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With an optimal ratio (7:4) of ultra-pure quality glucosamine / chondroitin combined with 3 synergistic anti-inflammatory products such as nonibromelain and curcumin, this formula acts quickly for the alleviation of joint pain while simultaneously stimulating the regeneration of cartilages.

The Artrofix Rapid formula is probably the strongest and most efficient combination especially designed for the elimination of joint pain, cartilage regeneration and joint lubrication.

The Artrofix Rapid formula not only attenuates or eliminates joint and bone pain but also by its component,  contributes to the treatment of these chronic disorders.

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Serra Plus - serrapeptaza forte

Serra Plus

Eliminates inflammation, arthritic pain, sinus infections, digests proteins, cleans the circulatory system, dissolves fibrin (protein buildup that causes thrombosis), blood clots, dead tissue, relieves joint pains.

1 bottle

Arthro-FLX Forte

Arthro-FLX forte

Advanced formula for joint maintenance and repair (an orthomolecular product). Recommended for the following diseases: arthritis, osteoarthritis, arthrosis, discopathy, herniated disc, lumbosciatics, lumbar stenosis.

1 bottle


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