Biopiperine – bio potentiator

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Piperine is extracted from Piperum nigrum (black pepper), and contains 98% concentrated extract.

In terms of Natural Supplements, there is this perception that “the more the intake, the better”. This perception is wrong. Normal bio-absorption of a plant/botanical nutrient is limited by the digestive system ability to absorb it as it flows along the digestive tract. It also depends on the body’s ability to take in the plant nutrients and break them down into their useful and active components. And finally, it depends on the body’s ability to circulate them in the blood and make them available to every single body cell.

Latest research and clinical studies concluded that piperine, taken together with dietary supplements and at a 5-10 mg per dose, increases the bio absorption factor from 30% to 100% as is the case with Curcumin.

Below is the chart resulting from clinical studies on the bio-absorption of Curcumin and Coenzyme Q10, taken together with and without piperine. As shown in the chart, when no piperine was taken, just a small part of Curcumin reaches the blood. As for the Coenzyme Q10 – a 65% increase in the level of absorption is found with the simultaneous intake of piperine. These are just two examples. But piperine has been found to increase bio-absorption of all Plant Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals and even Pharmaceutical Medication.

(from Sabinsa Corp.)

Furthermore, the body are not getting all the vitamins and minerals from food. Administration of Bioperine (1-2 capsules per day: 10 to 20 mg / day) helps the body in the assimilation of nutrients from food.

Biopiperine is also beneficial for digestion. It stimulates the process, and also optimizes it by increasing assimilation of food nutrients and inhibiting the absorption of fats and carbohydrates.

BIiopiperine’s other benefits:

  • Increases brain production of beta-endorphins;
  • Acts against pain;
  • Elevates brain production of serotonin
  • Anticonvulsive and anti-epileptic action;
  • Increases production of adrenaline of the adrenal gland;
  • Diminishes contractions along the upper and lower digestive tract;
  • Decreases stomach time of digestion (acid production) by about 1 hour;
  • Reduces stomach ulcer pain and symptoms;
  • Stimulates pancreas production of digestive enzymes (amylase, lipase, trypsin, chemotrypsin) ;
  • Stimulates production of melanin;
  • Inhibits inflammation induced by irritating allergies;
  • Reduces asthma symptoms.


Biopiperine (matrix) 10 mg

  • Piper nigrim (Piperine 95%): 9,92 mg
  • Biotin: 80 mcg


Recommended way of use: take 1 to 2 capsule per day with food or other dietary supplement intake.


  • Bioperine is a concentrated extract of Piperum nigrum. If you have perforated stomach / gastric ulcer, use with caution, and discontinue if undesirable symptoms occur.

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