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The extract of Foo-Ti-Teng root (“Ho shou wo” in Chinese) is highly reputed as providing longevity, rejuvenating and boosting energy and immune levels, generally in same class as Ginseng. In fact the Chinese consider it as a “companion” of Panax ginseng.

Foo-Ti-Teng provides its multiple health benefits by it’s various nutrients including tannins, phenolic glycosides, flavins and dicoumarols. Its vitamins and trace minerals components are quite beneficial for the endocrine system.

Foo-Ti-Teng also helps kidneys as a diuretic (eliminating excess water from body tissues).

Foo-Ti-Teng stimulates good functioning of the liver and heart. It lowers cholesterol levels. When associated with Ginseng, Foo-Ti-Teng helps regulate the blood sugar level in diabetes. According to the Chinese natural medicine, the key to longevity is to combine Foo-Ti-Teng and Panax Ginseng.

The synergistic addition of Biotin to our formula elevates the Foo-Ti-Teng benefits of slowing down hair deterioration, and may even stimulate hair regeneration.

More about Foo-Ti-Teng (Polygoum multiflorum)

Main health actions:

Foo-Ti-Teng enhances the kidney and liver function by increasing the vital Qi energy of the blood, strengthening muscles, tendons and bones; also hinders premature aging by maintaining the color and healthy look of the hair, by enhancing the condition of human sperm and ovules, by improving the condition of the knee and back joints. After all, Chinese natural medicine describes Foo-Ti-Teng as the most beneficial medicinal plant for longevity.


Foo-Ti-Teng is one of the most widely used medicinal plants in China. It is rated most beneficial as a primary energizer, a position it only shares with Lycium.

Foo-Ti-Teng is a tonic of the functions of the kidneys and liver. It therefore promotes vital energy flow in the body (YIN energy) with no side effects. Foo-Ti-Teng fortifies tendons, ligaments and bones as well, and prevents premature aging.

Practice has proved its ability to restore gray hair to the color of youth. This is one of the most looked after benefits in the whole Asian community.

Foo-Ti-Teng has its capacity to replenish the sperm and vitalize the ovule. Foo-Ti-Teng contributes to enhancing fertility. Many testimonials from men using this product confirmed a sensible increase in sperm volume, laboratory tests showing even a three times increase in one case, after a month of treatment.

The product has the fame to increase fertility in women. Traditionally  is known to augment the vital energy flow in the body, and obviously in the blood.  The combination of these two effects shows that can only have a beneficial effect on women’s fertility, because life force and blood are the two primary needs for reproduction. So both men and women wishing to procreate, tend to make use of this product.

Another attribute of this medicinal herb associated with tonic effect on the kidneys and liver, has the ability to strengthen the lower back, knees and tendons, ligaments and bones throughout the body. Foo-Ti-Teng is not only useful to maintain the youthful tone, but also for a general better well being of the whole body. It also used in order to strengthen muscles.

Foo-Ti-Teng is widely use in Asia by athletes and martial arts practitioners, increasing their body life force, as well as endurance and willpower.

Using Foo-Ti-Teng as a unique revitalizer and rejuvenator, or in an adequate combination with other medicinal plants, Polygonum stands as the ideal option for promoting longevity and combating premature ageing.

Modern Scientific Research Results

Scientific Research Studies have been conducted to investigate the longevity benefits of Foo-Ti-Teng, and the results demonstrated that laboratory animals given Polygonum Multiflorum in their diet showed a longer life, compared with the control group.

Scientific Research demonstrated that this medicinal plant can significantly increase the activity of the compound SOD (superoxide dismutase). SOD is a potent natural antioxidant (fighting free radicals in the body), leading to major anti-ageing benefits. Foo-Ti-Teng is also known to inhibit b-MAO (b-monoamine oxidase), because in combination, these two factors contribute to the anti-ageing effect in the plant.

Research Studies have also indicated that Polygonum Multiflorum helps in strengthening membranes of erythrocytes (red blood cells), and promoting their growth and development. In addition, it was discovered that the plant induces interferon-G (Ig) production in humans.

In China, Polygonum Multiflorum is used as clinical medication for schizophrenic pacients. Routinely, it is given in association with a psychic stabilizer such as Polygonum and Zizifus. The published results are positive.

The tuber root (the part of the plant used for its medicinal properties under the name of Polygonum Multiflorum) contains lecithin and antraquinone, in a free or conjugated state. It also contains over 1.2% a substance known under the formula 2,3,5,4-tetrahydroxistibene-2-0-b-D-glucoside, an inherent active component of the plant root.

Main combinations

The combination with biotin increases bioavailability. Polygonum is one of the herbs that can be administered without being combined with other plants.

It appears that the beneficial effects may increase  by combining with other tonic plants such as:


Polygoum Multiflorum root 4:1 extract 200 mg (equivalent to 800 mg dry root powder)
Biotin 50 mcg


Recommended way of use: 1-3 capsules per day, or as prescribed by a doctor.

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