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Extra fine therapeutic soap with goat milk + oat + bee honey

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Our skin is permanently exposed to pathogens, chemical agents and pollutants that contribute to the deterioration of the epidermis structure. Commercial soaps contain chemicals that instead of helping can actually contribute to “poisoning” the skin with free radicals, toxic substances, etc.

Goat milk is rich in fatty acids. They have a pH similar to human skin and are easily absorbed, with a pronounced emollient effect.

In addition, goat’s milk contains many skin-specific minerals such as selenium, but also multivitamins, especially vitamin A, which is the most important vitamin for the skin. Goat’s milk also contains lactic acid (a form of alpha-hydroxy acid) that helps to remove dead skin and also moisturizes and bleaches the skin.


Vegetable soap based on:

  • glycerin;
  • oat extract (Avena sativa);
  • whole goat’s milk;
  • selected bee honey.


For external use only!

It is used for washing hands and body. It has an emollient and nutritive effect for beauty and skin health.

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