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Genital herpes is a very contagious transmissible infection caused by the type II Herpes Simplex virus. Type I develops only in the mouth region and is visible only during colds whilst Type II invades all the genital area both in women as well as in men.

Symptoms are characterized by itches and blistered areas but symptoms such as fever, headaches and nausea can also appear. The diagnosis will be done by the gynecologist.

After Gonorrhea, genital herpes is the second sexually transmissible disease and its incidence has grown with over 30% in particular in the last years and in particular in the teenage population.

Genital herpes develops and manifests acutely more in women than in men.

Classical medicine does not have a solution for genital herpes which was declared incurable. For treatment, antibiotics are used exclusively, they do not however kill the virus but only render it in a latent state. Antibiotics do manage though to destroy the gut flora and weaken the immune system.

Now there are natural methods which have a high success rate. Among them is also our Herpox Protocol which incorporates a formula resulted from the latest researches regarding alternative treatments of this disease.

Content / Package composition

Super Immune Ultra

Super Immune Ultra

Excellent antiviral, anticancer, anti-metastatic, powerful immune modulator for weak or hyperactive immune system.

1 bottle

L-Lysine Forte

L-lysine forte

An essential aminoacid, which supports calcium fixation in bones and in teeth. L-Lysine treats: arteriosclerosis , cholesterol, osteoporosis, degenerative articulary disease.

1 bottle

A bottle of each product is included in the price of the protocol.


Recommended way of use

  • L-Lysine: 3 capsules/day (1-1-1) with 20-30 minutes before meals.
  • Super Immune Ultra: 2 capsules/day (1-1) between meals on an empty stomach.


The administration of Aerobic Oxygen is recommended 3-4 times a day:

  • For women: 15 drops of oxygen dissolved in 200 ml distilled water.
    1. An irrigator is loaded with a syringe type piston and vaginal washing will be done.
    2. A cotton pad shall be soaked in solution and the external part of the vagina will be dabbed including the interior part of the vulvae.
    3. All  the regions where there are signs of primary or recurrent herpes will be dabbed.

The same solution can be used by men to dab the external parts of the penis or other affected areas.

  • For men: 5 drops of oxygen dissolved in 60-70 ml of distilled water.
    1. A cotton pad will be soaked in solution and the external parts of the penis will be dabbed.

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