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Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a native of Peru and is also called ginseng of the Andes. Maca has the highest quality and potency it is grown exclusively in the highlands of Peru.

It is reknown for its positive effects on male stamina, libido, on increasing and strengthening sexual function. Increases both the production of sperm as well as its mobility, increases the the ovarian response and helps to increase fertility in both men and women.

In vivo studies have demonstrated that the administration in concentrated doses has a positive effect on increasing testosterone levels and helped balancing hormone levels in men and in women.

It is recommended especially to men with deficiency of sexual dynamics, lack of libido, erection problems and lack of sperm quality (insufficient sperm and sperm with reduced mobility). Recently, Dr. Qun Yi Zheng has discovered the Macamides and Macaenes, two glucosinolate substances (glucosidic compounds containing sulfur) present in Maca are responsible for the effects of enhanced libido and sexual function.

Some athletes take Maca for its energizing effects and to stimulate the production of testosterone.

Pharmacological actions:

  • increases libido;
  • increases the level of energy;
  • good symptomatic treatment of Menopause;
  • increases fertility in both sexes;
  • reduces premenstrual symptoms (PMS).

MACA from Provita Nutrition Health is a premium quality product that contains both a 4:1 concentrated extract and is a standardized extract with active Glucosinolates responsible for many of the beneficial effects of this remarkable plant.


4:1 Maca root extract (150 mg) 600 mg EPU*
Standardized extract (0.6% glucosinolates) 150 mg

*EPU = Equivalent to the dry plant extract.


Recommended way of use: 1 or 2 capsules daily or as directed by your nutritionist.



The quality of sperm before and after 4 months of administering Maca prim

Sperm property Before Maca After Maca
Seminal volume (mL) 2.23 ± 0.28 2.91 ± 0.28
pH 7.47 ± 0.09 7.44 ± 0.07
Number of spermatozoa (106 / mL) 67.06 ± 18.617.47 ± 0.09 90.33 ± 20.46
Spermatozoa in motion (106 / mL) 87.72 ± 19.87 183.16 ± 47.84
Sperm mobility grade (%) 29.00 ± 5.44 33.65 ± 3.05
Sperm mobility grade a + b (%) 62.11 ± 3.64 71.02 ± 2.86
Normal sperm morphology (%) 75.50 ± 2.02 76.90 ± 1.23

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