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Prostafix Protocol – for prostate problems

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Prostafix Protocol contains a unique combination of natural extracts with maximum efficiency in the therapy of prostate problems.

After the age of 50 years more than half of men suffer in some form or another of the volumetric enlargement of prostate or the prostate adenoma, and the rest of 50% are exposed to the risk of its emergence and  evolution in malignant forms. It is good to start administering preventive, even before the age of 50 for the maintainance of the prostate functions within normal limits.

As opposed to other formulation on the market, Prostafix includes all the plant combination and plant extracts with synergistic and rapid effect over the prostate both for preventive purposes as well as particularly for therapeutic purposes.

The administration of Prostafix protocol is indicated in cases of:

  • prostate adenoma;
  • prostatitis;
  • benign adenomatose hyperplasia of the prostatic preurethral gland;
  • prostate cancer.

Package / protocol content

Prostate Protekt forte

Prostate Protekt forte

Pharmaceutical quality product, a forte orthomolecular formula, which ensures the normal prostate functioning. It increases the libido, it reduces up to normal the inflammation of the prostate.

1 bottle

Serra Plus - serrapeptaza forte

Serra Plus

It eliminates the inflammation, it digests proteins, it cleanses the circulatory system, it dissolves fibrin (protein accumulations), it dissolves blood clots, it eliminates arthritic pains.

1 bottle

A (1) bottle of each product is included in the price of the protocol.


Easy cases or prevention

Prostate Protekt forte

  • 1 capsule/day

Serra Plus

  • 1 bottle for 6 months administered 1/day

Average and serious cases

Prostate Protekt forte

  • 3 capsules a day (1-2) between meals, on an empty stomach for 5 days, followed by
  • 2 capsules a day (1-1).

It is administered until PSA and free PSA reach normal values, the number of night urinations is reduced to minimum and the urine jet is sufficiently strong.

Serra Plus

  • 2 capsules a day (1-1) between meals on and empty stomach for 15-30 days

The positive effects become noticeable after 3 days from administration. The ingredients of Prostafix protocol are o efficient that even just one dose of  2 capsules a day of Prostate Protekt administered in serious cases of prostate disorders can lead to the total elimination of the disorder.

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