Santevia 5 Stage Filter

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Stage 1 – activated charcoal and graphite

  • Removes chlorine, trihalomethanes, organic chemicals, odors, tastes, dyes and particles smaller than 0.3 microns;
  • Contains 3 granule sizes to increase the absorption surface.

Stage 2 – silica gel granules

  • Neutralizes acidic compounds by creating a slightly alkaline pH;
  • When the top layer (silicagel layer) begins to color (it is initially white), it is time for the filter to be replaced (for a family of 4-5 people about once every 6 months).

Stage 3 – zeolite granules

  • Removes small bacteria, metals (including lead and mercury), minerals;
  • Removes detergents, various toxins, agricultural chemicals (including pesticides and herbicides).

Stage 4 – mineral infusion

  • Ionized minerals that oxygenate and fortify water;
  • Porous multimineral crystals that contribute to water oxygenation and to obtain alkaline pH.

Stage 5 – bio-ceramics

  • Separates water molecules by increasing its bio-absorption and bio-available oxygen content.


At the top of the filter tower there is a white layer of silica (it can be seen if the upper tank is raised). When this layer of silica gets a yellow, gray or brown hue, it is time for the filter to be replaced.

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