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Santevia – Alkalizing Energy Flask 380 ml

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With a unique design, Santevia Energy Flask has a double-walled metal body made of stainless steel, food quality.

The inside contains a localized top basket (to be replaced, depending on usage) and a fixed cartridge at the bottom of the thermos (does not require replacement). They contain natural elements for the purification, alkalinization, ionization and re-mineralization of water. The fixed, bottom-up cartridge contains mineralizing pills. This cartridge does not need to be replaced.

The upper cart contains tourmaline, maifan, far-infrared stone, chlorine scavenger spheres, and negative electric potential spheres (to reduce PR value (ORP)).

Their role is the following:

  • Tourmaline: raises pH to 8+. It also ionizes water.
  • Maifan: remineralizes water by adding iron, calcium, zinc and other beneficial minerals.
  • Far-infrared stone (jade): energizes water.
  • Chlorine scavenger spheres: Capture chlorine from drinking water.
  • Negative electric potential spheres: To reduce the oxydo reduction potential value PR (oxydo reduction potential expresses the ability of water to fight against free radicals, thus conferring an antioxidant benefit to health).

Instructions for use

Before first use

  1. Fill the thermos with boiling water by pouring the water through the top basket.
  2. Place the lid and shake for 30 seconds.
  3. Repeat the operation twice more.

Current use

  1. Fill the thermos with water by pouring the water through the top basket.
  2. After filling, wait for 5-10 minutes after which water can be consumed.
  3. As water is consumed add water.

PH level

The longer the water stays in the thermos, the pH is higher. Do not leave the water in the thermos for a period of more than about 2-3 hours without consuming it and without adding to the volume.

Replacing the filter basket.

Replace after approximately 500 liters of water but not more than 1 year after first use. If very polluted water is used it can be replaced more often (after about 300 liters of water).

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