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Chlorine is added to tap water and swimming pools. Chlorine is rapidly absorbed through the skin. Chlorine in drinking water can easily be removed with the Santevia filter that uses the filter in 5 steps. But the water we’re showering or bathing with?

The effects of the chlorine on the skin

The harmful effects are multiple:

  • Acne, Eczema, Irritation. Caused by promoting the generation of free radicals.
  • Cancer. According to a report about, an independent news organization, chlorine promotes the generation of free radicals in the body and particulary, in the skin. Free radicals have been shown to cause cancer. Water from tap water (consumed orally) has a strong connection with bladder, breast and bowel cancer. Applied to the skin (shower, bath or pool), chlorinated water causes increased risk of malignant melanoma, otherwise known as skin cancer.
  • Premature aging of the skin. Free radicals promoted by chlorine increase toxicity that leads to skin irritation, such as acne and blemishes. Studies reported by Drinking show that chlorinated water promotes the aging process, similar to the effects of extended sun exposure.
  • Exhausted proteins and dry skin. Free Drinking reports that chlorine can destroy much of the protein needed in the body. In short period of time this can lead to dry skin, itching. Continuous depletion can lead to very dry skin. Although many would think soaking our skin in the tub would soften the dry skin, but this can do more harm than good. Water, even non-chlorinated can deplete skin of its natural oils that retain moisture and chlorine greatly enhances this effect. The showers and baths should remain short, and the moisturizing cream applied immediately afterwards.

The Santevia Shower Filter eliminates the harmful effects of chlorinated water.

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