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Green Coffee Extract

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Green Coffee is rich in chlorogenic acid. It helps to accelerate fat burning in the body. Along with green coffee extract, green tea extract through its caffeine content and the EGCG can add extra help in burning fat.

Green Coffee bean extract containing 50% chlorogenic acid stimulates thermogenesis, lifting the body temperature by burning calories, one can say that somewhow like exercise.

Green Coffee contains extract of green coffee beans from canephora species, equivalent to 1200 mg standardised to contain 50% chlorogenic acid and 150 mg of green tea extract standardized to contain 20% 3-gallate epigalocatehin + 10% caffeine.


Extract of green tea (Camellia sinensis) 150 mg (20% EGCG + 10% caffeine)
Coffea canephora seed extract (50% chlorogenic acid)

It does not contain: dairy products, eggs, artificial preservatives, dyes, ferments, artificial sweeteners, wheat, gluten, corn.


Recommended way of use (only for adults): 2 capsules 3 times a day.


  • Consult your doctor before administering if you suffer from liver problems or if the symptoms of these conditions are manifested by abdominal pain, dark urine or yellowing of the skin, in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding, or if you suffer from iron deficiency.
  • Do not exceed recommended dose for daily consumption.
  • Dietary supplements do not replace a varied and well balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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